A cold-water soluble sizing agent for almost all kinds of fabric

Possesses high adhesion and penetration power, delivers reduced hairiness, and displays excellent film property. An elastic film with high tensile strength and high dispersibility in size mix is formed.

Allows for high weaving efficiency and less breakage because the flexible and smooth sizing film reduces fiber-metal friction.

Has very high exhaustibility and eliminates dusting, achieving a good efficiency on the loom.

Clear Viscose Liquid

Chemical Nature
Synthetic polyacrylate polymer blend.

Ionic Nature

Miscible in water

pH (2% solution)
11.0 + 1.0

Compatible with most products used in sizing

Storage Stability
Stable for 6 Months, when stored properly in closed containers in a cool and dry place.

The usual hygiene and safety rules for handling chemicals should be observed in storage, handling and use. The product must not be swallowed.


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