All our products are GOTS and ZDHC certified and comply with the norms of REACH, ECHA, Oeko-Tex and all other environment regulatory agencies. We offer products for suitings, shirtings, terry towels, denim, wool, synthetic fibres and other substrates. You can find products for the entire gamut of textile production with us.

Here’s our product booklet!


Lubricants, Softeners, and Waxes
Lubricating Agents
Other Sizing Chemicals


Wetting agents
Sequestering agents


Alkali Neutralizers
Mercerising Agents
Peroxide Bleach Stabilizers
Residual Peroxide Killers
Sequestering Agents
Stain Removers
Wetting and Deaerating Agents
Scouring agents and Detergents


Dye-fixing agents
Dyebath Conditioners and Sequestering Agents
Leveling, Dye Carrier, Retarding, and Stripping Agents
Polyester Dispersing Agents
Polyester Whitening Agents
Soaping Agents and Antiback Staining Agents
Reducing Agents and Anti-oxidants


Cationic Softener
Dye depth enhancer
Bio-polishing enzymes
Polyethylene and Wax Softeners
Non-ionic Softeners
Shiny Finish Agents
Silicone Softeners
Stiffening Agents, Filling Agents, and Handle Modifiers
Wash-n-Wear and Resin Finishes


Antifoam and Defoamers
Anti Microbial Finish
Anti Staining Agent
Anti Seam Slippage
Yarn Lubricating Agent
Anti Pilling Agent