An organic sequestrant agent for all kinds of fabric

Is an organic chelating agent, having excellent chelating action on calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, over a wide range of pH and temperature. Protects the fibres against catalytic damage during peroxide bleaching, Improves brightness in cottons during scouring and bleaching and in washing-off of coloured fabrics.

Prevents deposits of silicates on fibres and machineries in bleaching, reduces harsh feel on fibre, eliminates tendency of salt precipitation during print paste preparations. Forms very little foam, is universally applicable i.e. in continuous and discontinuous processes.

Colourless Liquid

Chemical Nature
Organo phosphonates

Ionic Nature
Weakly Anionic

Soluble in cold water

pH (2% solution)
6.5 – 7.5


Storage Stability
Stable for 6 Months, when stored properly in closed containers in a cool and dry place..

The usual hygiene and safety rules for handling chemicals should be observed for handling and storage.


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