Miramerc-NCP L/F

A low foam non-cresylic mercerizing and caustisizing agent

Is suitable for mercerizing / causticizing of cotton yarn / fabric and its blends to impart luster, dyeability, and dimensional stability.

Is low foaming, even penetration of caustic soda, ensures proper washing off of caustic after mercerization / caustisization in washing process, considerable improvement of wetting, simple handling, and non-corrosive.

Yellow Brown Liquid

Chemical Nature
Sulphated Alcohol

Ionic Nature

Soluble in water

pH (2% solution)
8.0 ± 1.0


Storage Stability
Stable for 6 Months, when stored properly in closed containers in a cool and dry place.

The usual hygiene and safety rules for handling chemicals should be observed for handling and storage.


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