Universal wetting agent for cellulosic and polyester blends

An eco-friendly product that offers reduced load on effluent treatments. It is effective under extreme pH, temperature, and process conditions to deliver quality fabrics for finishing.

It has low foaming with deaerating effect, along with resistance to water hardness, alkalis, electrolytes to oxidative, and reductive bleaching agents.

A wetting auxiliary for all textile wet processes, also added in finishing bath.

Brings advantages of efficiency and economy of a wetting agent in the various pretreatment processes.

Colourless Liquid

Chemical Nature
Alkyl polyglycol ether

Ionic Nature

Dispersible in water

pH (2% solution)
7.0 ± 1.0

Enzyme, Oxidizing Agent, Reducing Agent etc.

Storage Stability
Stable for 6 months, when stored properly in a cool and dry place in closed container.

The usual hygiene and safety rules for handling chemicals should be observed for handling and storage.


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