A premium hydrophilic softener

Provides premium softness and hydrophilic property and maintains the whiteness and absorbency of cellulosic fabrics, such as cotton and cotton blended terry towel, knits, cotton denim, cotton/spandex, wool and wool blended wovens and knits.

Delivers a fluffy, silky soft handle as well as fullness and volume. It delivers good absorbency and perpendicular orientation of the piles on treated terry towel.

Retains brilliancy and brightness of shade and exhibits outstanding processability under a number of standard and extreme finishing process conditions.

Clear colourless to clear bluish liquid

Chemical Nature
Modified co-polymer

Ionic Nature

Soluble in water

pH (2% solution)
5.0 ± 1.0

Compatible with nonionic and cationic products in the Finishing bath.

Storage Stability
Stable for 6 months, when stored properly in closed containers in a cool and dry place

The usual hygiene and safety rules for handling chemicals should be observed in storage, handling and use. The product must not be swallowed


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